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The registration fee is open until April 20, 2024. The deadline for reports and communications is: April 20 , 2024
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We invite You to attend the XVII Minsk International Heat and Mass Transfer Forum to be held in Minsk, Belarus, from May 20 throught May 24, 2024 at the A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the NAS of Belarus.


National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
Branch of Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, and Management Processes of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
National Committee for Heat and Mass Transfer of the Russian Academy of Sciences
S.S. Kytateladze Institute Thermal Physics Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer


O. Penyazkov (Belarus) Chairman
V. Astashinskii (Belarus) Co-Chairman
N. Pavlyukevich (Belarus) Co-Chairman
N. Bazylev (Belarus) Scientific Secretary

S. Alekseenko (Russia)
O. Alifanov (Russia)
M. Alymov (Russia)
А. Bulanov (Russia)
V. Bukhtiyarov (Russia)
L. Vasiliev (Belarus)
A. Georgiev (Bulgaria)
P. Grinchuk (Belarus)
M.K. Das (India)
L. Dombrovskii (Russia)
H. Yoshida (Japan)
S. Zhdanok (Belarus)
S. Isaev (Russia)
S. Kakac (Turkey)
Yu. Karyakin (Russia)
K. Kim (Korea)
V. Kosov(Kazakhstan)
D. Kong (China)
R. Cotta (Brazil)
Yu. Kuzma-Kichta (Russia)
V. Levashov (Russia)
Х. Li (China)
Z. Mansurov (Kazakhstan)
D. Markovich (Russia)
A. Pavlenko (Russia)
O. Petrov (Russia)
N. Ratakhin (Russia)
S. Reznik (Russia)
R. Rizakhanov (Russia)
S. Rudobashta (Russia)
S. Ryzhkov (Russia)
V. Rudyak (Russia)
N. Smirnov (Russia)
V. Stennikov (Russia)
I. Tari (Turkey)
V. Terekhov (Russia)
V. Fomin (Russia)
P. Frick (Russia)
S. Frolov (Russia)
S. Chizhik (Belarus)
V. Yagov (Russia)
L. Yanovskii (Russia)


O.G. Penyazkov - Chairman. Phone : (375 17) 350-21-36
N.V. Pavlyukevich - Co-Chairman. Phone: (375 17) 255-22-05
V.R. Astashinskii - Co-Chairman. Phone: (375 17) 356-93-51
N.B. Bazylev - Science Secretary. Phone: (375 17) 248-72-00


The Forum will include the Plenary Sessions, the sections with oral and poster presentations, round tables, and lectures in the following scientific areas.

 - Convective-radiative heat transfer  
 - Heat and mass transfer in phase and chemical transformations 
 - Heat and Mass Transfer in Power Engineering and Technologies  
 - Thermophysical properties of substances and materials  
 - Heat and Transfer Processes in Nano-and Microstructure Systems 
 - High-temperature heat and mass transfer, plasma systems and technologies 
 - Modeling and management of heat and mass transfer processes 

Requirements for papers of the forum

The program of the Forum will primarily include conceptual papers with new ideas and approaches, analytical reviews, reports and communications containing the results not published earlier. Papers dealing with the mechanics problems not directly associated with heat transfer, as well as contributions on thermophysical properties of the matter will not be accepted.

Paper selection will be based upon review of extended abstracts. The abstract (communications) of up to 3 pages of carefully edited paper, please send to the organising committee via e-mail. The sample of abstract you can download there
Abstracts wich not using the model, will not be considered.

The declarative abstracts also will not be considered.

The Basic Dates

The deadline of abstract submission is:
November 17, 2023
Information on acceptance will be sent by:
December 30, 2023
January 25, 2024
The deadline for reports and communications is:
April 20 , 2024
The deadline for payment of registration fee is:
April 20 , 2024


of participants

For registration to participate in the forum,
please complete the registration card
in accordance with the attached file.

Registration fee

Registration fee value (in currency equivalent):
20 000 Russian ruble (full),
10 000 Russian ruble (graduate students, students).

Payment agreement

The agreement and the invoice will be execution individually at the request of participants. The participants should send at the Comittee emails containing information about full name and positions of the participants, complete full bank details of company with the name of the person who will sign the agreement and the preferred currency of payment

Forum venue

Forum venue - the hotel "President-Hotel"

The hotel "President-Hotel" opened its doors to its first guests on May 3, 2013. The main building was built on the place of the well known to many guests of the capital hotel "Oktyabrskaya ". Of course, built on the Turkish project, a new hotel is radically different from its predecessor, and is ready to offer a completely different level of service. The hotel name is not accidental, as "President-Hotel" specially prepared to receive dignitaries. By the way, the hotel is the best place in the capital for holding high-level meetings of heads of states and governments, political and business events, international congresses and forums. The hotel building has 14 rooms of various size and functionality. Capacity is about 1 300 participants.
The hotel is located in the heart of Minsk, in its business and historical center. The location gives guests the opportunity to reach any point of the city easily and quickly. Within walking distance you can find a large number of attractions of the city and several beautiful squares and gardens, which will help to feel the real atmosphere of Minsk. Also near the hotel there is a sightseeing bus route No. 1, where you can ride on one of the main avenues of the city for the cost of a single ordinary trip by public transport.
If you wish to buy souvenirs or go to the shopping streets, you can do it from the hotel. A wider range of products will offer GUM, which is on a five-minute walk away from the hotel. Also a number of shopping centers are nearby the hotel, so everyone will find everything you need.

Accommodation of the participants

List of hotels and booking systems, recommended by the Organizing Committee of the Forum. Download *pdf
Cpecial offer from hotel "President-Hotel" in the following files:


15, P.Brovka Str., Minsk, 220072, Belarus
A.V.Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus  
Organizing Committee MIF-XVII

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